Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This idea to save some money is all wet. . . .

I've been in the market for some time for a rain barrel. They are beneficial in a number of ways.

  1. It's rain water and garden plants and house plans do much better with rain water than with treated tap water.
  2. Rain water is free. No money being poured down the drain. (Literally)
  3. I like to think it's another way for me to live a litter greener.
Anyway, in doing some checking around online and locally, the average cost of a rain barrel is over $100. Ouch. I could never bring myself to send that kind of money on a barrel. We'll as luck / ingenuity would have it, I spend a total of $7.95 on my rain barrel.

I got the barrel for free and the parts from Lowe's. So far so good. It's raining tonight and my barrel is almost full. I'm keeping an eye on it to make sure my overflow tube works.

I'm excited about the money I saved and all the rain water I'll have for my house plants, garden, and landscaping this summer.

Do you have any experience with a rain barrel?


Tina said...

This is a great example of what you can do. I get a little concerned sometimes that much of this "green" movement is about making money and though I love the idea of a rain barrel, my Great Grandparents did this, I think $100 bucks is outrages for such a thing. Thanks for showing this example.

Christy said...

LOL DO I ever! we had a $4.00 plastic rain barrel for exactly the same reason.

One morning I went out into the yard with my then preschoolers to water the garden and a baby bird had mistaken it for a bird bath - a waaaay to deep bird bath - and drowned.

Mama had to dispose of the remains with 2 hysterical kiddos and had a lot of 'splanin to do!

Todd C said...


You got a better deal price wise than me. $4 vrs my almost $8. I do have an advantage As mine is covered and I won't have to "fish" any dead birds out of mine.

Thanks for the comment.

Todd C said...


I'm with you. Sometimes the best values and ideas come from stuff you have laying around or from stuff others don't want.